Monday, March 28, 2016

Some things must be said. It has been really valuable to examine my process in such a protracted way, really pulling apart my thoughts in hopes of creating well informed works and allowing myself the emotion that comes from such prolonged focus. There is plenty of work to do and an entirely different commitment to be made in order to realize this visually. Hopefully, I will. Thanks to my friends Andrea Collins and Beth Hacker at by and large for the opportunity to get my head right. Nya weh to Kerry Hawk Lessard for endless inspiration and honest, unfiltered talk allowing me to look at uncomfortable subjects. Also, thanks to both of the artists who've blocked me for asking the simplest of questions about their work, for reminding me that well thought out, honest work makes a confident artist and withstands more than light question. Art should sometimes help us make sense of our world and it shouldn't always be easy. Nya weh to the spirits for giving me a piece of art to make in retaliation, and for inspiring so much more than that first vision. I put my tobacco down for each one of these words, for each concept spoken in the first language.

Jess McPherson

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