Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dear friends, some time has passed since we last asked for a submission for By and Large, the Times Two collaborative project. We will be posting work we’ve created for that project soon but a number of personal factors have contributed to us being less productive than we had hoped. 

So, we are going to be moving in a different direction in the future.  We’re not going to ask for formal projects, we’ll be posting things we are working on, things we’ve seen, things we are interested in and you can feel free to do the same. 

We thought this post from writer Seth Godin kind of sums how we're feeling right now.

Beth and Andrea

Sometimes, the wind is at our back, the resources are easily acquired and good karma increases our ability to do great work.


Other times, it feels like we're up against it, that the wind has shifted, that there's not a lot of opportunity or momentum.

It's in those times that, "what are you working on?" becomes a vital question, a lifeline to get us from here to there.

Trainwrecks, tantrums, massive shifts in the way things are and are supposed to be--they make it difficult to concentrate, to plan, to leap...

We each have a platform, access to tools, a change we'd like to make in the world around us. We each have a chance to connect, to see, to lead.

And it's not, at least right now, fun or easy. It might not even seem like you've got a shot, or that the wind is too harsh.

Persist. It matters.