Tuesday, March 22, 2016

With the end of this part of the project approaching, I have to say this protracted approach at creating really dampened my will to create the initial painting I had in mind. I've strayed far from its narrative, but in a good way, a way that allows me to fully flesh out these ideas. There is way more than one image in my mind at this point and I wonder if continued dedication will allow for a deeply considered series of works to be realized. I also wonder if continued dedication is possible. It will surely require a larger time commitment. I have thought these thoughts, planned these pieces on my commute, in the shower, by the glow of my phone when I should have been sleeping, and sometimes when I have sat specifically to think. It is a far different commitment to sit at the easel and work. I can say that I hope I will push for this increased level of dedication. I hope I will put aside the needs of others to better understand myself and the world. Maybe you'll see it one day. You'll know all the things it means because you were with me when I gave it life. I'm glad you were. It's not over yet, so let's see what the last few days bring.

Jess McPherson

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