Monday, February 22, 2016

I wake up early, cross the Potomac. Leaving Indians, traveling to Indians. Make my prayers and enjoy coffee and pancakes, conversation and trust. As my model prepares, I charge my camera, I look at the environment, at the ground. I find some long grass and think again about that earlier question of place. But I also think about the mechanics of what I need, the task of collecting the right information while eliminating distraction. It's odd, that way we paint subjects in a void sometimes, but it serves its purpose. I can't create that outside but I can certainly eliminate noise, so that when I am alone working on the translation, the communication flows freely. I make my prayers and place my friend in the conversation between lived life and spirit. I am careful to give gentle direction and grateful for the language of touch.
I take more photographs than I think I need. I find a gem that I'll save for further study. This hand is worth saving.

Jess McPherson

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